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Honeymoon Wooden Cottage Rainforest

Honeymoon Wooden Cottage @ Rainforest Munnar Complementary Cake, Karaoke Music & Freshly cut Flower arrangement. We will also arrange on request ,Barbecue & Camp Fire, Candle light dinner, Spices garden tour, Mountain trekking & Sight-seeing trips,Complementing the romance of the location, enhancing the senses, the Honeymoon Wooden cottage is a special and intimate space.Complementing with a romantic location, enhancing the spirits and senses, Honeymoon cottage is a special and intimate space to be in for the newly wedded.

Wood house in Rainforest, is built the Canadian way, where honeymooning couples can enjoy their stay, in a house, built completely of natural wood from pine trees, elevated 10 feet above ground, facing a mesmerizing natural forest from all sides.

Canadian believes about Wood house.

Wooden homes are very healthy for its inhabitants, as wood does not emit electrostatic charge, and the pine tree log walls, regulate humidity and temperature inside. The "breathing" property of wood provides healthy living. It is established that warm and natural wood color positively inuences state of mind, soothes nervous system and creates friendly conditions for recreation

The wood house is an exceptional example of the fusion of nature with modern architecture. Rest assured the picture speaks it all.

Note: To maintain the sanity, wood house is offered only to honeymooning couples and cooking and smoking not permitted inside the wood house.